Ronald Searle's America

By Matt Jones (Author), Ronald Searle (Artist)

Author : Matt Jones

Artist : Ronald Searle

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This is legendary British cartoonist Ronal Searle's caustic take on 1960s America, in the form of illustrations and drawings (with commentary). 

Dispatched to America in the early '60s, the golden age of illustrative reportage, Ronald Searle spent several years covering everything -- in the form of drawings in his trademark satirical and virtuositc style -- from sports to politics, for magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and TV Guide. Topics included Palm Springs, Las Vegas, the Presidental contest between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon -- as seen through the eyes of a caustic Englishman. Full-color Illustrations throughout/ 

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JOIN ME on February 6th, 2016 1:00pm - 4:00pm Book Launch event at Center Stage Gallery

Here is a video of my presentation at CTNX2009 on behalf of Ronald Searle.

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