Magasin General: 6- Ernest Latuliffe

By Loisel (Author), Tripp (Author), Loisel (Artist), Tripp (Artist)

Author : Loisel & Tripp

Artist : Loisel & Tripp

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Cover : Hardcover

Color : Color

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 9.5 x 12.5 inches

Pages : 74

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.In the absence of Mary, which nobody knows if and when she comes back to Montreal, Serge decided now to take care of his business. Is that it must supply Notre-Dame-des-Lacs, which lacks everything from his General Store fell dormant. Unfortunately, it's not so simple. Providers of Saint-Simon, who gave their trust as Mary, refuse to give credit to Serge. Tensions in the village, divided into two camps: those who regret Marie (especially men) and those who are happy she left (especially women) do not forgiving him for having "sinned". 

Meanwhile Mary enjoys like crazy in Montreal, sort and multiplies lovers. But it is nostalgic village ...

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