Eclipse: The Well & The Black Sea (Standard Edition)

By Vance Kovacs (Artist), Justin Sweet (Artist)

Artist : Vance Kovacs, Justin Sweet

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Cover : Hardcover

Color : Color

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 11 x 11

Pages : 144

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Product Description :

This book features the conceptual art of Vance Kovacs and Justin Sweet for a world they have collaborated on for near 20 years. The images in this book have been rendered in many different mediums, all with an intent to bring out, more than anything else, an impression that most closely reveals the feeling that was sought after. In many cases, a more rendered image will be replaced with one that emotionally reveals what we want our places and subjects to be like as opposed to literal design.

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From the Artist  :

Justin and Vance are freelance artists in the film, games, entertainment, and publishing industries. Together they are the creators of Carbon Canyon Studios. A studio devoted to producing artistically guided projects. They have been friends and collaborators for over 20 years.


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  • Reviewed by Nick 05/27/2018
    The forwards resonated with me, and I found intriguing every page. I'm continuing to read this book, as I'm not done yet, but im thankful for having received such a nice note as well as a signed edition. I'm looking forward to completing this book at a slow pace to take everything in.
  • Reviewed by konrad laurids pesch 10/23/2017
    every page is pure imagination and bliss! this one is something very very special. you can feel and see the heart and soul poured into this book!
  • Reviewed by Bambang 10/30/2016
    Delivered on time, excellent customer service and product is as described on the website.