Le Grand Mort 3:Blanche

By Regis Loisel (Author)

Author : Regis Loisel

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Pages : 58

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When the fantastic makes it possible to denounce truths that disturb Now in the company of Gaëlle, Erwan continues to wonder about the disturbing and mysterious trail left by Pauline ... Where can she be in this Paris devastated by misery, pollution and Attacks The chance of a television report Will make it reappear, but hardly find their trace that it disappears again ... The clues will allow them to understand that she has returned to Brittany, and it is at Erwan himself that they finally finish By finding it. They then made acquaintance with Blanche, his enigmatic child. Together, Pauline and Erwan try to understand what happened to them in the small world. The following is an excerpt from the French version of the Treaty and dramatic, we discovered a world and a nature in decline. The expressive drawing of Vincent Mallié is, meanwhile, always as fair and enchanting.

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