Blueberry, tome 9 : La Piste des Sioux

By Jean Charlier (Author), Jean Giraud (Author), Jean Charlier (Artist), Jean Giraud (Artist)

Author : Jean Charlier, Jean Giraud

Artist : Jean Charlier, Jean Giraud

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Cover : Hardcover

Color : Color

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 8.8 x 11.6

Pages : 48

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Product Description :

The hour of the negotiations, In this volume, Blueberry will have to face many problems. First, get rid of the cursed Steelfingers, then find the $300,000 Union Pacific, which he will be accused of theft. Finally, to negotiate peace with the Indians, a very ephemeral peace, which General Allister is about to break, only does good to his career. A lot of things are happening in this once again exciting volume, and the colossal efforts of Blueberry are ultimately little in the face of human stupidity, which unfortunately all too often ends up winning.

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