Blueberry - Edition noir et blanc Tome 27 : OK Corral

By Jean Charlier (Author), Jean Giraud (Author), Jean Charlier (Artist), Jean Giraud (Artist)

Author : Jean Charlier, Jean Giraud

Artist : Jean Charlier, Jean Giraud

Inventory ID : CSG0453

Cover : Softcover

Color : Black and White

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 11.8 x 15.8

Pages : 28

Signed : No

Product Description :

Jean Giraud's original scanned in very high definition, and the ultimate feeling of touching the boards as the undisputed master of the drawing delivered them. This large format edition is an absolute treat for all lovers of comics, a masterful beauty lesson. An excellent prelude. Dramatic shots, a Blueberry that finally returns in the heat of the moment, and a sinister plot that is gradually taking place. This volume is really excellent because it is intelligently built, only delivering its information dropper, multiplying the characters, to a striking last page. The next volume will be the last, and seeing all the ingredients gathered here, he promises to finish the series in apotheosis.

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