Blueberry - Edition noir et blanc Tome 26 : Geronimo l'Apache

By Jean Charlier (Author), Jean Giraud (Author), Jean Charlier (Artist), Jean Giraud (Artist)

Author : Jean Charlier, Jean Giraud

Artist : Jean Charlier, Jean Giraud

Inventory ID : CSG0452

Cover : Softcover

Color : Black and White

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 11.8 x 15.8

Pages : 28

Signed : No

Product Description :

Jean Giraud's original scanned in very high definition, holds the ultimate feeling of touching the boards as the undisputed master of the drawing delivered them. This large format edition is an absolute treat for all lovers of comics, a masterful beauty lesson. The revelations are continuing. Blueberry, who continues to convalesce, continues to remember his past related to Geronimo while a sinister plot is taking place. For the third volume in a row, Blueberry is passive (it will not move from its bed all the volume), and the main interest of this volume 26 lies in the various flashbacks that punctuate it, which follow up those of the previous volume. The famous Geronimo enters the scene and the revelations are going well. In addition, all the ingredients are in place to make this volume into a very hectic volume.

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