Blueberry: La Piste Des Sioux

By Charlier Giraud (Author)

Author : Charlier Giraud

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The adventures of Lieutenant Blueberry - Michael Steven Donovan - through the American Old West in the years after the Civil War. Blueberry is quite the character, American by birth and European by vision. He is not a lawman who only brings justice, nor is he the prototypical wandering cowboy who saves the town and gets the girl. Of course, true to stories of the Old West, he has a hard drinking deputy. La Piste des Sioux (Trail of the Sioux) is the eighth of the Fort Navajo series. Three other French editions of the tales of Lieutenant Blueberry can be found in my other items. Don't read French? No matter, the art by Mœbius is graphic enough. Want to brush up on your French? Here is a great place to star

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