Reviews for 100 Tuesday Tips

  • Maria Del Carmen Palma
    Review by Maria del Carmen Palma-Hernandez on 05/05/2019
    Fantastic and great Book as a guide for Story Boarding students.
  • Tina Price
    Review by K Ioaze on 09/16/2018
    Fast delivery (one week to arrive at home) and a cute note inside the package ! Thank you again.
  • March 7th 2018
    Review by Geoff Nolan on 03/11/2018
    Great book for beginners to professionals, there's something to learn on every page. Nicely presented in a large visual format. A must have for any studio, or individual artist.
  • Mazen Hamwi
    Review by mazen Hamwi on 05/27/2017
    it gets real handy for animators, professionals and students.
  • Alex
    Review by Alexander Lombardo on 05/06/2017
    A great resource for simple, but important rules to keep in mind while creating.
  • Jethro Tai
    Review by Jethro Tai on 04/29/2017
    Very high quality print and extremely handy tips! It even comes with rounded corners and the authors' hand signature! An absolutely lovely and beautiful book indeed.
  • Eva Sanz
    Review by Eva Sanz on 04/20/2017
    Great book full of useful tips, really well explained with text and graphics. It explains composition and color techniques, but also recommends some materials and ways of work. I am very happy with my purchase!
  • S
    Review by Suzie Lammers on 01/08/2017
    Great tips, everyone should have this kind of information at the ready!
  • Jarsh
    Review by Joshua Cordova on 07/24/2016
    I bought this as a gift for a friend, but ended up buying a copy for myself. It was has so much useful information and step by step instructions on how to use each technique. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone interested in animation techniques.