Reviews for Dynamic Bible

  • nwalters
    Review by Nick Walters on 10/24/2016
    It's extremely helpful and has a butt-load of examples, tips, and simple exercises to get a more solid fundamental foundation,
  • Jon Ortiz
    Review by Jon Ortiz on 10/22/2016
    This book by Richard Peter Han is awesome and the company was prompt in answering my questions. Thank you very much.
  • G.L.
    Review by Gegő László on 08/18/2016
    There were two teachers who had a great influence on my artistic journey.. I'm really glad that i found the third one! ps:Thanks to the CTNstore for making it possible and for the "free gift" of course :)
  • Joseph Romero
    Review by Joseph Romero on 08/08/2016
    Great resource for those that have taken the dynamic sketching course. Peter provides very nice images and notes on how to approach many different subjects. The handwritten notes provide a very cool personal sketchbook touch but at times can be hard to read. It wasn't a big deal for me. I could also see how someone who hasn't take the course or like-course may still feel a bit of a struggle tackling different subjects covered here. Still, I would say that this was an essential buy for a serious artist. Would highly recommend.