The Art of Alvin: A Collection of Sketches

By Steve Caddel (Author)

Author : Steve Caddel

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Cover : Softcover

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Pages : 224

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This very special book features a 224-page collection of artist Alvin Chong's famous "blue pencil" sketches that he has been working on for the last three years. Every single page is full of inspiration, creativity and Alvin's unique style. An outstanding addition for any artists' or art aficionado's library. "Alvin's work is the perfect combination of loose, sharp, expressive, and accurate; simply impeccable!" - Stefano Alcantara "Alvin makes drawing look easy. The confidence of his line work appears to flow effortlessly through his fingertips - and that is the sign of a true master." - Chet Zar, Artist "Alvin Chong's work comes alive with every stroke. Almost as if they were breathing. He is a true master of his craft." - David Stoupakis, Artist Dimensions: 7.5" x 10" Pages: 224 Type of cover: Softcover Published by Out of Step Books Publishing

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