Homeless Nisse (Framed)

By Jim Soper (Artist)

Inventory ID : CTNO01

Artist : Jim Soper

Type : Digital Print, Framed

Medium : Canvas Print, Framed

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 8 x 8

Signed : Yes

Framed? : Yes

Product Description :

“Homeless Nisse“ is part of the HILDA & The Enchanted Art Gallery show collection at CTN Studio.  Each Hilda-themed artwork in the collection is from 50+ industry artists - including artists from the Hilda animated Netflix series!

From the Artist  :

Jim Soper is a Boston based animator and illustrator, having worked in numerous animation studios as a storyboard artist, animator, character designer and background designer. He is very passionate about his work, and believes strongly in combining traditional animation principles with current technology to produce work at a fast pace without sacrificing quality.

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