Thunderbird (Unframed)

By Heidi Neunhoffer (Artist)

Inventory ID : CTNP09

Artist : Heidi Neunhoffer

Type : Digital Print, Unframed

Medium : Digital Print

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 11 x 14

Signed : Yes

Product Description :

This print, “Thunderbird,” is part of the HILDA & The Enchanted Art Gallery show collection at CTN Studio.  Each Hilda-themed artwork in the collection is from 50+ industry artists - including artists from the Hilda animated Netflix series!

From the Artist  :

Heidi Neunhoffer is a Los Angeles based artist who is passionate about drawing for animation, and she is currently at DreamWorks Animation TV! She loves Storyboarding the most, but she also enjoys creating Character Designs, Backgrounds, and Illustrations. She has also dabbled in 2D and 3D Character Animation!

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