Silver Vol.1

By Stephan Franck (Artist)

Artist : Stephan Franck

Inventory ID : CSG0064

Cover : Softcover

Color : Black and White

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 6.75 x 10.25 inches

Pages : 102

Signed : No

Product Description :

Silver #1 is the first in a twelve-issue miniseries. It is a graphic novel set in the 1930′s. James Finnigan is the greatest conman/heist-master of his time. One day, Finn comes into possession of a mysterious silver bar, which becomes his entry point into the shadow world of vampires, where silver is the coin of the realm.

My vampires are obsessed with silver for a host of reasons. First, they are soulless walking corpses incapable of true emotions, only animated by lust and greed. But where gold is the precious metal of choice among men, the inaccessible purity of silver symbolizes all that the damned can never have. Lastly, that’s money that doesn’t burn a hole through their pocket, it burns a hole through them – period.

Flirting with mortality is the closest the vampires can come to feeling alive. So, ever the conman, Finn puts together the heist of the century, which will consist of separating some serious vampires from their silver. To do that, he needs to assemble a special team–and that team is full of all sorts of broken characters.

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