The Fearless Art of Mike Gabriel

By Mike Gabriel (Author), Mike Gabriel (Artist)

Author : Mike Gabriel

Artist : Mike Gabriel

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Pages : 96

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The Fearless Art of Mike Gabriel. Inspired by the now gone but longest running periodical and leading “insider” magazine, The Cartoonist Profile, this soft bound book is a combination of a celebration, a tutorial, an art book and career biography and the first book designed and printed by CTN Press. In full color with inspirational words from over 20 of the most highly sought after entertainment creators of the 21st century the book includes tips and guidance about being a creator in this industry. Turning page after page for all 96 pages you are taken ‘under the hood’ and ‘inside’ both the personal world and production career of one of the most versatile and successful creators of our time, Mike Gabriel.
Created as a companion for “The Fearless Art of Mike Gabriel” exhibition at Center Stage Gallery April 17 – May 31, 2015 and priced for every artist to enjoy.
Includes  QR codes that leads you to over 10 recorded journies of inspiration from the artist himself. 
Contributions from colleagues and peers include:
Lorelay Bove Art Director, WDAS
Chris Buck Film Animation Director, WDAS
Hendel Butoy Animator, Animation Director
Randy Cartwright Animator, Story Sketch Artist
Darrell Van Citters Supervising Director, WDAS
Paul Felix Production Designer, WDAS
Will Finn Animation Artist
Jennifer Grant Castrup Educator
Ralph Eggleston Production Designer, PIXAR
Tony Fucile Animator, WDAS
Michael Giaimo Art Director, WDAS
Eric Goldberg Animator & Director, WDAS
Don Hahn Producer WDAS
Mark Henn Supervising Animator and Director, WDAS
Glen Keane Directing Animator
Lisa Keene Associate Production Designer, WDAS
Jin Kim Character Designer, WDAS
Bill Kroyer Director and Educator
Sure Kroyer Educator
Brittney Lee Art Director, WDAS
John Musker Writer and Director, WDAS
Nik Ranieri Supervising Animator, WDAS
Colin Simpson Production Designer
Ellen Woodbury Former Disney Directing Animator and Current Fine Art Stone Sculptor

From the Artist  :

Includes QR codes that leads you to over 10 recorded journies of inspiration from the artist himself.

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