Le Grand Mort: 1- Larmes d'abeille

By Loisel (Author), Mallie (Author), Loisel (Artist), Mallie (Artist)

Author : Loisel & Mallie

Artist : Loisel & Mallie

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Cover : Hardcover

Color : Color

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 9.5 x 12.5 inches

Pages : 64

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After spending a long time in the company of Peter Pan, Régis Loisel turns the page by offering us a new and magnificent series ... Everything had been planned for this to be a studious week! Poor Pauline! She had to go green to prepare for his mastery of eco sciences ... The night covers the Breton forest and the "deuch" just fell right down in front of petrol Erwan, 20 kilometers from any village. Erwan is a Métis placid genre. Solitaire, he lives simply, surrounded by strange objects. It proposes to Pauline to share the soup and shelter for the night ... Constraint by circumstances, she finally accepted ... While she eats, he runs an old grimoire dealing with the "little people" .. . She sneers of that nonsense. She does not know, then, that this meeting will be for it the starting point to another world, another time-space where all his life and his principles will switch ... The consequences of this will be the most surprising adventure for her, for those around him, even for humanity ... Régis Loisel joins the talented pen of Vincent Mallié to bring this fantastic story in pictures.

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