Tropikal Mambo

By Carlos Nine (Artist)

Artist : Carlos Nine

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Cover : Hardcover

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Pages : 136

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From the publisher:

Tropikal Mambo marks the return of Carlos Nine to comics with his first original creation since Siboney in 2007.

"The day was breaking. A blonde driving a Buick, indifferent, impressive, Fontana passed me and disappeared on the horizon. She did not even see me because her eyes drifted to the sea. In the back, an old man who looked like a parrot was sound asleep. I deceived myself. He wasn't sleep ... he was dead."

This reflection is taken from the last chapter of Tropikal Mambo, a detective who lives in Panama. One sees him with his raincoat, his hat, his shoes and the little wooden car he uses. In general, he is hired for small miserable jobs. He accepts bribes of wine, he admires offenders and does not care about justice. As if that was not enough, he took advantage of the last chapters for conspiring against the author of this book. It must be said that the story does not like this. The drawings don't either. In the last chapter, the crisis finally erupts between the author and his character. One of them is too much for the other. Carlos Nine drew each chapter of his new story in a different graphic style, from sketches to sculpture, watercolor to gouache and the result is startlingly beautiful.

***This book's text is written in French.

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