Book of Drawings

By David Malan (Artist)

Artist : David Malan

Inventory ID : CSG0428

Cover : Softcover

Color : Color

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 9 x 9 Inches

Pages : 72

Signed : No

Product Description :

The time has come! I’m excited to be compiling a book of my best drawings and making it available to the world. Our digital age and social media allow me to share my personal work with a great community of artists and friends. It also gives everyone fantastic access to great art from around the world. But an important aspect is missing: nothing is better than tangible art you can hold in your hands. If not the piece itself, high quality images that allow you to explore all the subtleties of the actual work. This book will do just that, a thorough collection that presents you with every detail and nuance of my very best drawings.

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