Blueberry, tome 8 : L'Homme au poing d'acier

By Jean Charlier (Author), Jean Giraud (Author), Jean Charlier (Artist), Jean Giraud (Artist)

Author : Jean Charlier, Jean Giraud

Artist : Jean Charlier, Jean Giraud

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Cover : Hardcover

Color : Color

Product Dimension (in Inches) : 8.8 x 11.6

Pages : 48

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A memorable seat. At the Union Pacific camp, the situation is critical. Isolated and starting to run out of food, the camp has only one hope: Blueberry will have to go to Julesburg to bring back a supply train. A very dangerous mission, which will become even more so because of the Machiavellian Jethro "Steelfingers," who will ally with the Indians in order to ruin the mission. An excellent volume once again, almost entirely dedicated to an absolutely incredible, impressive, very high intensity train seat, and put in pictures in a grand way.

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